Electronic Auto High Speed Precision Belt Cutting Machine
Specialized Machinery For Processing Shoes, Belts, Purses, And Other Leather Products, Zipper, Garment.
CJ-607S  Electronic Auto Precision Belt Cutting M/C
CJ-607SA Electronic Auto Precision Belt Cutting M/C With Hot

Power: 1/3HP(with hot cutter unit+800W)
Voltage: 220V,50~60HZ
Dimension: L620W600H1120mm
Net Weight: 109kg(hot cutter unit+8kg)
Packing Size: L685W655H1230mm
Packing Weight 195kg(hot cutter unti+8kg)
Size of cutting of shearing: Length 1~99999(mm) Width up to160mm, Thickness up to 10mm
Error of length may 3mm
Temperature Controller: 0C-600C
Feed speed: 70~56000whith 9 sectional shifts
  1. This cutting machine is completely controlled by electronics, which is more precise than gear control, easy to change and operate. It is suitable for shoe making, leather bags, belts, fabric, electronic parts etc.
  2. With the addition of a hot cutter unit materials which require melting can be cut such as nylon and PP.
  3. A new special design of workpiece stand which was qualified by our National Bureau of Standard of Economic Affairs Ministry. It not only can save more space, but also can be adjusted easily to the suitable angle and position according to the different workpiece in order to feed workpiece with fluency, rapidly and accurately.
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