Main products Electronic auto high-speed precision belt cutting machine, leather trimming machine , stripping machine, sharpening machine & hot-stamping & embossing machine,Strong power hydraulic press for sole, Embossing & Stamping press
President Ching Pen Lai
Date of  birth born in 1995
Date of establishment March 1977
Capital NT 5,200,000.00
Members of Guild Taiwan Machines Industry Guild
Taiwan Hsien Industry Guild
Professional Groups Shoes making machine group of Taiwan Machines Industry Guild
Qualified exporter
Exporting Areas USA, United Kingdom, Korea, Singapore, Thailand Malaysia, Indonesia, South Atrica, Japan, Belgium, Sri Lanka, Hong Kong, Mauritius, Mexico. 

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Company's Principles:

  • Guaranteed quality, Prompt delivery, reasonable price, & first class service.
  • Our goal is to satisfy our customers.
  • If you are satisfied with us, Please tell your friends
    If you aren't satisfied, please tell us.
  • We are a professional maker of processing machines for leather products, shoes, leather bags, etc. We have a rich experience in this field, and our products are found everywhere  in Taiwan and in foreign countries. Our excellent quality has won us a goodwill around the world. Your interest in our products will be worthwhile. For further information, we supply our current catalogue of various models. We sincerely welcome your visit, If you require more information, let is know and we shall be very glad to serve you.
    Your earliest response will be highly appreciated.

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