Pasting Machine 

Machinery for processing shoes, belts, purses,plastic goods, stationary , zipper and clothes. The Processing function include skiving, stripping, belt cutting, hotstamping and embossing.

CJ-168 Pasting Machine 

Range of pasting Maximum width 50mm(limitless length)
Type of paste
white glue, raw glue or the other suitable glue.
Speed of operation the longest 9.5M/minute(non step speed change).
120W (about 1/6HP).
Voltage 220 single phrase
Machine size L260XW260XH370(mm)
Net weight about 14 kgs
Carton size L360XW300XH410(mm)
Gross weight about 16kgs
  1. There is a valve below teh paste tank, which it still has teh paste ; it can simply be taken apart by loosening one screw.
  2. The amount of the paste can be easily and slightly adjusted. Besides teh adjusted board, the amout of paste can be taken apart easily. Therefore, it is rather  easy to maintain or assemble and disassemble the pasting roller.
  3. Due to the way of coating on the top, the situation of pasting and the process of the coating work can be confirmed at the same time.
  4. The spring board for loading the thin object, even if it is a tiny or uneven surface object, can be evenly coated as well.
  5. The machine is a light and handy design style as well as motor which is hidden in its body. It can be carried freely and the work place can be chosen easily.


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