CJ-320 . 470 High Speed Bank Knife Splitting Machine

Model CJ-320(320B) CJ-470(470B)
Split Width 320mm 470mm
Dimension 132010001100 166010001100
House Power 3 1/4kg  1/4kg
Net Weight 400kg 500kg
Packing Size 160010801340 190010801340
Gross Weight 528kg 650kg
Application :
  • Good for precise shaving and splitting for shoes, sports shoes, belt, bag, glove, industries.
  • Maximum width 320m/m 470m/m
  • Maximum thickness 5m/m
  • Minimum thickness0.4m/m
  • Length mot limited.
  • CJ-320B,CJ-470B With moving back memory for loacl cutting 
CJ-520 . 525 Precision Four-Column Oil Press Cutting Machine

Model CJ-520 CJ-525
Cutting Force 20 TONS 25 TONS
Cutting Area 1250500 1550500
House Power 3 HP 3 HP
Stroke 10120mm 10120mm
Machine Size 181010601220mm 211010601200mm
Net Weight 1200kg 1500kg
Packing Size 20008901200mm 226011021505mm
Gross Weight 1520kg 1760kg
Application area:

This machine is suitable for cutting material such as plastic film, paper cardboard, foamed rubber or plastic, cloth stuff, leatherette, leather, PVC plastic board, nylon material, etc. The machine could be widely used in industries, including leather making , clothes making , shoe making , suitcase making , packaging, toys making , stationery making and automobile manufacturing .
Labor-saving and simple operation. low trouble rates. very strong cutting power. rapid cutting speed (above 1.000timeslhr.)
Quiet operation to greatly reduce the noise level in the factory. thus improving the work environment and elevating production efficiency.

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