Strong power hydraulic press for sole

Fir for various kind of men's shoes ladies' shoes, flat shoes, ladies high heeled shoes, specialize in press sole attach purpose.

CJ-737 Strong power hydraulic press for sole

Motow 2HP×4P
Voltage 220V, 50~60HZ
Capacity 2500~3000
Presure 20~30kg
Size 1070×660×1900mm
Net Weight 780kg
Packing Size 1250×800×2100mm
Packing Weight 950kg
  1. General lady shoes and high heeled shoes. Suitable for any shoes and height.
  2. Suitable for general men shoes and flat bottom shoes.
  3. can adjust the change of head raise height in order to offer the best angle of sloe.
  4. Hydraulic system adopt closed type strong pressure. The quality is guaranteed. After the special improvement, it make the machine pressure to more even and easier to maintain the machine.
  5. For the above various types of shoes. After use out machine to press, the sole are all very good attachment and the degree of tight is better and make the product quality more elegance.


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