Stripping Machine
Brand Specialized Machinery For Processing Shoes, Belts, Purses, And Other Leather Products.

CJ-303A Stripping Machine With Table And Motor
CJ-303B Stripping Machine With Table, Motor And Tool Grinding Machine

Main Shaft: 12"Max width across cutters
Power: 1/2HP(Plus 1/4 Hp for tool grinding machine)
Voltage: 110-220V 50-60Hz
Size:  L1200×W550×H1040mm
Net weight:  98kg(Plus 28Kg for tool grinding machine)
Packing Size:  L1290×W640×H1200mm
Packing Weight: 175kg(Plus 28Kg for tool grinding machine)
Capacity:  30 feet per minute
  Special Features:
  1. The machine is suitable for cutting and processing leather ware, belts, bags, footwear, rubber, cardboard and fabric into flat strip and strip with teeth when using special accessory. The processing width is adjustable and length is not limited.
  2. By incorporating a tool grinding machine the circular cutters can be sharpened as needed thus improving efficiency and increasing output capacity.

Circular cutter-12 pcs, separators-12 pcs, spacers with thickness 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 11 and 14mm-10 pcs each, open -end spanner size 10 12, oil can, flat screw driver, main shaft spanner-1 pc each. 
 Circular cutter with teeth (addition purchase)

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