Leather Trimming Machine
Brand Specialized Machinery For Processing Shoes, Belts, Purses, And Other Leather Products.
CJ-202A (CJ-202-1A) Leather Trimming Machine with rigid support and clutch motor

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Power:  1/3HP~1/2HP
Voltage:  110-220V 50-60Hz
Size:  L1200×W545×H1170mm
Net Weight:  90kg(5Kg extra for clutch motor)
Packing Size:  L1350×W700×H1370mm
Packing Weight:  178kg
Capacity:  25ft~40ft per minute
CJ-202B Leather Trimming Machine with rigid support and standard motor
CJ-202-1B Leather Trimming Machine with roller support and standard motor
  1. The machine is accurate, durable and easy to maintain, It is suitable for trimming leather ware, to pare leather articles such as footwear, leather belts, bag and cardboard.
  2. Models CJ-202A and CJ-202-1A with Clutch motor are easy to operate, easy to start and atop and gibe improved quality with reduces defects.
  3. For processing thick or hard leather use models CJ-202B or CJ-202-1B since the standard motor can provide more power, for best results.

3 rigid supports or roller supports, oil can, flat screw driver, spanner for removing cutter cover and sharpener for grinding wheel 1pc each.



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