hot stamping & embossing machine

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CJ-802  Hand Pressure Single-elbow Hot Stamping Machine
CJ-803  Hand Pressure Single-elbow Hot Stamping Machine


  CJ-803 CJ-802
Voltage & electric heating: AC220V(single phase)
AC220V(single phase)
please indicate your required voltage when ordering if your voltage is different from the voltages shown on the catalogue.
Size of hot plate: 200×260mm 150×180mm
size of base plate: 320×360mm 320×360mm
Maximum pressure: 1000kg 600kg
Temperature: 50°C-300°C 50°C-300°C
Maximum gap: 320mm 160mm
Maximum stroke of hot plate: 65mm 60mm
Roll leaf feeding device: 5-200mm 5-180mm
Size: L680×W540×H760mm L660×W500×H700mm
Net weight: 135kg 98kg
Packing size: L805×W670×H760mm L805×W620×H805mm
Packing weight: 165kg 145kg

The single elbow machine which incorporates a compact
size table is handy and durable, and is suitable elbow
machine with its higher pressure is suitable for hot stamping
larger areas of leather, clothes, plastic, stationery, etc.

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