hot stamping & embossing machine

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CJ-805 Air pressure hot stamping & embossing m/c
CJ-805E Air hot stamping machine with eyelet equipment electric eye equipment
CJ-808 Oil pressure hot stamping & embossing m/c




  CJ-805/CJ-805E CJ-808
Voltage & electric heating  AC220V (single phase) 800W(50-60Hz) AC220V(3 phase)1200W(50-60Hz)
Please indicate your required voltage when ordering if your voltage is different from the voltage shown on the catalogue.
Size of hot plate 150×180mm 200×260mm
Size of base plate 320×360mm 320×360mm
Maximum pressure 800kg 2000kg
Temperature controller 0°C-400°C 0°C-400°C
Maximum gap 260mm 250mm
Maximum stroke of hot plate 100mm 120mm
Roll leaf feeding device 0-900mm 0-900mm
Time controller 0-12sec 0-12sec
Applied Power compressor 1HP, self provided Oil tank pump 2HP
Size L780×W780×H1465mm L810×W810×H1565mm
Net weight 218kg 390kg+(Oil 45kg)
Packing size L950×W920×H1640mm L1030×W940×H1820mm
Packing weight 323kg 515kg+(Oil 45kg)
Liquid pressure Oil China Oil R68# (40 litre)

CJ-850 is deviced with pneumatic power, electronic control, 
for easy operation and quick processing speed.
CJ-850E is Hydraulic-powered incorporated into electric eye
equipment. Suitable for embossing, hot-stamping of sneaker labels,
and other applicable electric eye embossing needs.
CJ-808is deviced with hydraulic power, electronic control.
As having bigger pressure, it is suitable for strong pressed material to make
workpiecehave perfect processing effect. Above two models can be interchangeable
with manual, pedal switch, and automation for hot stamping of
various leathers, clothes, plastics, & stationery, etc.

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